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My PhD journey taught me to be a CEO, project manager, head of communications and everything else all in one person.


I read thousands of texts, wrote half a million words, organised myself four research visits, and built an international professional network.


Thus, when I finished my doctorate I left with not only a book manuscript (that yes, is still waiting to be turned into an actual book), but with a skill to deliver interdisciplinary multidimensional research under a specific time frame, with an idea of how to communicate my research findings to many different audiences, and with many collaboration experiences. 

I also learned how to take chances, ask help, re-consider plans, self-motivate and accept failures. 

Should you wish to chat about doing a PhD in gender & human rights, or about organising research visits during your doctorate, read this & send me an email


PhD in Law, Law Department, European University Institute​

  • PhD thesis titled “Who is the “Woman” in Human Rights Law: Narratives of Women’s Bodies and Sexuality in Reproduction Jurisprudence”

  • Research visits during the PhD  

01-04/2018 Women’s Link Worldwide, Madrid

09-12/2017 Centre for Cultures of Reproduction, Technologies and Health, Sussex University

04-06/2017 Reproductive Sociology Research Group, Cambridge University

06-08/2015 FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard University



LLM in International Legal Studies, Georgetown University Law Center, Fulbright scholar 



LLM in Public International Law, Oslo University



Bachelor of Social Sciences, Law Department, Tartu University

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