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My friends joke that they can never surprise me with their re-telling of a new book on feminism/sexual health/rights they have just finished because usually I have already read it. Like yesterday. 

I wish that was true. But I do like to read, to know what other people are reading and to give unsolicited advice on what to read. I’m also guilty of buying more books than I can read, so sometimes they just sit on my desk for months. The consolation is that I often give books away. It’s a nice way to spread knowledge. 


My reading list for the first part of 2020: 


  1. Alicia Ely Yamin, “When Misfortune Becomes Injustice. Evolving Human Rights Struggles for Health and Social Equality” (2020) 

  2. Leslie Kern, “Feminist City. A Field Guide” (2020) 

  3. Lara Freidenfelds, “The myth of the perfect pregnancy” (2020)

  4. Childbirth, Vulnerability and Law. Exploring Issues of Violence and Control, 1st Edition” Edited by Camilla Pickles, Jonathan Herring (2019)

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