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As an introvert I don't always enjoy public speaking, but I also think that it's important to share knowledge as this is how change can happen - there might be someone in my audience who will have an "aha!" moment thanks to something I say.

And yes, of course there are also people who will roll their eyes when they hear about "feminist legal theory" or "micro-aggressions", but that's okay. That's how I usually know that my research is really on to something. "A ship is safe in harbour, but that is not what ships are for" (said Grace Hopper). 

  • Invited talk "Gender-based violence, Istanbul Convention and the relevant ECHR case-law" at the Academy of European Law (ERA) training on equal treatment for judges and judicial lawyers, September 2021

  • Keynote "Human rights-based health care, also during a crisis",The 1st International Conference of the Estonian Nurse Directors Association (EstNDA) "Creating a Comprehensive View on Nursing Leadership", April 2021

  • Invited talk “Human Rights-based approaches to sexual and reproductive health”, student organisation "Põhjala", March 2020

  • Conference presentation "Are human rights the new 'religion'?", Anniversary Conference of the Estonian Sexual Health Association in collaboration with the School of Theology and Religious Studies of Tartu University, October 2019 

  • Panel discussion “Change: what is needed”, “Estonia 2035 stage”, Estonian Festival of Opinions, Paide, August 2019 

  • Panel discussion “Human Rights based approaches to sexual and reproductive health” together with Dr Hedda Lippus, Tallinn Health Care College, open to students and faculty, May 2019

  • Open talk “Human Rights based approaches to violence and health” at Kogo Gallery as part of audience engagement programme of an art show “Sailing on the Red Sea” by Ede Raadik, May 2019

  • Open talk “Finding feminist space in human rights law” at Estonian Architecture Museum, April 2019 

  • Panel discussion “Human Rights, Health & Violence” together with dr Hedda Lippus & dr Marie Abel to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Tallinn, open to the public, November 2018

  • Presentation together with dr Hedda Lippus “What kind of research is needed to fight against gender-based violence in the 21st century?”, Estonian Academy of Sciences, January 2018

  • Conference “Beyond Human Rights: Rethinking Gender Equality in Law and Politics”, Los Andes University, gave a presentation “Human Rights-based approaches to reproductive violence”, October 2017

  • Presentation “Why we need to talk about narratives?”, Estonian Academy of Sciences, January 2016

  • Gender Studies Conference, organised by the Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner, presentation “Narratives of the Woman’s Body”, May 2015

  • Discussion “Sex(uality) and Reproduction: Evolutions in Human and Fundamental Rights Law”, organised by the European University Institute’s Fundamental Rights in Europe Working Group, April 2015


  • Global School On Socio-Economic Rights: Sexual And Reproductive Rights Litigation, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard University, November 2014 


  • Workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Liberty, Dignity, and Equality at the World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law, Oslo University, June 2014



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